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Colocation Security - Physical Asset Security
Since you are investing in equipment and trusting that equipment to the care of a colocation provider, you should make sure that you investment is protected. Data centers operated by colocation providers should be secured with the minimum basics listed below:
  • Access control - Key fobs, secure cards or biometric scanners should restrict data center access to authorized individuals only. In addition, some means of tracking ingress and egress to the data center should be implemented.

  • Video Surveillance - All entrances to the facility should be monitored using video devices. Internal data center video Surveillance is also preferable, especially if open racks are used.

  • Fire Suppression & Alarms - Data center facilities should be protected by smoke, heat and fire detection equipment. In addition, a fire suppression system should be in place and operational.

  • Environmental Monitoring - Systems should be in place to monitor environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, air handling and power availability. These systems should alert technicians on-site or off-site in the event of an outage or change in normal operation.

  • Backup Power - Generator power with an adequate supply of fuel on site is critical to the security of a colocation facility.

Colocation Security - Network Security
In the past, most colocation service providers have placed the burden of providing and managing network security on the client. Due to in part to the massive increase in malicious network traffic and the proliferation of SPAM, service-conscious colocation service providers are bundling network security into their service offerings. While these providers charge a bit more, the added cost is well worth it. Services a a minimum include IDS/IPS (intrusion detection services / intrusion prevention services) and basic firewall services. Additional optional services may include virtual firewall services, VPN services, content filtering , SPAM filtering, virus filtering, spyware removal, real time traffic analysis using net flow reporting and real time bandwidth reporting using MRTG or PRTG. Clients of providers that offer this level of service experience much less downtime, enjoy faster response times and lower overall bandwidth utilization. Be sure you choose a colocation services provider that is proactive and particular about network security. Getting hacked is no fun and it can be prevented.

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