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Colocation Services - Why Colocate?
Provided by Creative Data Concepts Limited, Inc.

Why Colocate?

Service Reliability
Reliability and uptime are of paramount importance to any company with an online initiative. Downtime can costs a company about $24,000 for each day of downtime in lost sales, opportunities and productivity. By placing mission-critical equipment in our data center your business will be backed by our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Disaster Preparation
Our data centers are protected from power outages and built to insure the greatest amount of uptime possible. Can your business stand outages dues to another active hurricane season? Protect your business and enable your employees to work remotely in the event of an outage at your office. In addition, colocating in our data center can help keep satellite offices online even if your office is inaccessible.

Creative Data Concepts can have your business up and running in a matter of hours. Our services can grow as you grow your business. We can provision bandwidth within minutes and support connection speeds up to 2 Gbps. Whether you have a single server or multiple racks of equipment, we can support your colocation needs.

Protect your data and Internet infrastructure from malicious attacks or theft; protect your investment by colocating your equipment at our secure data center. Our data center is protected around the clock by security systems and monitored video surveillance cameras. No one gets in or out without proof of identity and all visitors are checked against customer defined access lists. All building areas are secured by an alarm system, and an external security firm patrols the area, both inside and outside. Moving your Internet-connected services to our data center will also dramatically reduce your LAN's exposure to attack and will result in greater Internet performance for your employee base.

Quality of Service
Creative Data Concepts offers a 99.99% minimum uptime Service Level Agreement. Additional SLAs are available on a case-by-case basis. Our data centers are designed to withstand almost any disaster and can insure your business stays up and running even when the power to your office is out.

Cost Management & Savings
Building and maintaining an in-house data center can cost many thousands of dollars. In addition, bandwidth is expensive and backup power generation is more work than most businesses want to tackle. Colocation removes the need for that upfront investment. We house your equipment, saving you the expense of constructing or renovating your own data center. You have access to the best facilities available for a fixed monthly fee. Our data centers are built to the highest industry specifications, so you benefit from our investment.

Access to skills & expertise
Creative Data Concepts skilled technical engineers concentrate managing and maintaining our data centers so you can concentrate on running your business. Our technical staff can completely manage your colocated equipment so your IT staff can better serve your in-house needs.

24 /7 Support
Round-the-clock group of trained staff that monitors your infrastructure and take action when needed. Support ensures that your staff can concentrate on their expertise and eliminates the need to work in shifts. Can you reach your helpdesk 24x7? Does the helpdesk solve your problem? Is there an online website where you can check the knowledge base, find announcements and submit requests? You want to rely on the support group when there are problems in the infrastructure, and receive rapid responses.

Remain in control
You remain in control of your Internet infrastructure; our sites offer you 24 / 7 access, anytime you feel it are necessary to access your equipment. With our monitoring tools you can monitor the performance of your web operations using a variety of tools. We have a team of skilled engineers on hand if you wish us to make any modifications, but only on your say so.

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