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Colocation Services - Colocation Services Pricing.
Provided by Creative Data Concepts Limited, Inc.

Colocation Rack Space Pricing

Creative Data Concepts Limited, Inc. offers colocation and rack space pricing as follows:

  • Single Rack Space - $30 per month per space
  • 1/2 Rack (20 net rack spaces) - $495 per month
  • Full Rack (40 net rack spaces) - $735 per month

All racks are connected to our conditioned power system with surge protection and battery backup capabilities so no additional power protection units are required. We recommend that colocated (co-located) clients utilizing more than 1U implement our optional managed outlet services that provide the ability to remotely manage outlets via telnet or the Web.

Rack space pricing does not include bandwidth, management or other charges. Secure locked cabinets are available for a one time additional fee. If you require locked cabinet storage, we can accommodate those requests. To receive an instant colocation & rack space services price quote via email, please complete a colocation service quote request or contact us for specific colocation and rackspace (rack space) pricing. We will need to know how many rack spaces you require in order to provide an accurate quote.

A more detailed coverage of colocation pricing is found here.

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